Well a lot has happened in these past few weeks.

We figured out who the kanima was (poor Jackson, he’s such a cutie! shame we have to deal with him like this), a few deaths including the kanima’s master who turned out to be a crazy, obsessive cameraman with Allison, Allison’s mom, who turned her into a psychotic killer, and I’ve found myself my mate!
Who better than Boyd! He’s just wonderful and caring, always putting me first. We have been through a lot together and I’d do anything for him.

It’s certainly a lot to sink in, but nothing I can’t handle. 

Would you mate with Stiles?
─ Anonymous

Back in the day maybe, when I had a huge crush on him. 
But he’s not my mate and I would never stop over boundaries with my former alpha.
That’s a path NO ONE wants to travel down. 


Whoops! Just having a little pack fun. You know it’s a little obvious when you both are being pouty babies. We figured we could lighten you both up.. and have fun! I know I had fun.